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Tender Number Entity  
Type Subject
Tender NumberTypeSubjectGradeEntityClose DateValueEnvelopes SystemTender Fees (QRs)
524 /2014-2015Central Tenders Implementation of facilities works for Losail Intl. Karting Circuit اولى وثانية مباني QMMF02/02/20151600000 Q.RTWO ENVELOPES 300
75 /2014-2015Local Tenders Software upgrading for Brinting , publishing and Radio cast Dept.  The Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage08/02/2015120000 Q.RTWO ENVELOPES 150
76 /2014-2015Local Tenders Operating ,management and maintenance of air quality surveillance stations.  Ministry of Enviroment08/02/2015120000 Q.RTWO ENVELOPES 150
77 /2014-2015Local Tenders Supply of Mobile vehicle for air quality surveillance  Ministry of Enviroment08/02/201575000 Q.RTWO ENVELOPES 150
79 /2014-2015Local Tenders Maintenance works for A/C and cooling equipments for several mosques at Al Dafna for three years  Ministry of Endowment & Islamic Affairs15/02/201524000 Q.RTWO ENVELOPES 150
81 /2014-2015Local Tenders Supply of food stuff items at call of order system for two years  SUPREME COUNCIL FOR JUDICIARY15/02/201526000 Q.RTWO ENVELOPES 150
78 /2014-2015Local Tenders Maintenance works for A/C , fridges and fans for three years  Ministry of Enviroment15/02/201545000 Q.RTWO ENVELOPES 150
534 /2014-2015Central Tenders Cleaning and guesting works for mininstry buildings for three years.  Ministry of Enviroment16/02/2015480000 Q.RTWO ENVELOPES 300
535 /2014-2015Central Tenders Maintenance works for Ministry buildings.  Ministry of Enviroment16/02/2015480000 Q.RTWO ENVELOPES 300
533 /2014-2015Central Tenders Replace,installation and maintenance of fire systems.  Ministry of Enviroment16/02/2015150000 Q.RTWO ENVELOPES 300

  Tenders Conditions:

- You can get a copy of the documents of this tender / tenders of the Central Tenders Committee during official hours, against payment of the tender documents witch you can retrieve it.
- Must be accompanied with the tender a letter of guarantee bank / certified check from a bank operating in the State of Qatar, as indicated above for a period of temporary deposit on 120.
- The offer must be valid for a period of ninety days from the date of the opening of envelopes.
- Will be the last date for submission of tenders is twelve o'clock on the morning of the closure, and will not pay attention to any tender received after the deadline.
- Tenders deposited in the box of the Central Tenders Committee, located in Muntazah - Rawabi Street, to be inside the stamped and sealed envelopes and addressed to the Chairman of the Tenders Committee competent (central / local) showing the number, type of the tender and the subject.
- The Central Tenders Committee invites bidders or their representatives to attend the opening of the envelopes and read the price on the day following the date of the closure during the office hours.
- To obtain tender / tenders  documents highlight above must be to mentioned authorization letter from the company / institution.
- For inquiries, please contact Tel: 44378192 /225 /143 /149.
- For more information about the Central Tenders Committee ,tenders and auctions are being posed by the Committee You can visit the site on the Internet

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